An e-commerce solution that enhance the business

“At Calzessa, we certainly subscribe to [the Smarter Commerce] philosophy: by harnessing IBM technology and SolutionPlanet’s technical expertise, we have built a platform that integrates and enhances every aspect of our business.” – Mats Ingelborn, Founder and CEO, Calzessa This is a quote from a recent case study published by IBM. At SolutionPlanet we have [...]

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Website for

The communications and PR firm Jomono needed a new website and turned to us for a quick and easy to manage solution. – They had done a few trials using Joomla but got stuck in the process and ended up with a static HTML-page, explains Mats Ingelborn, SolutionPlanet. This is something we see quite often. [...]

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PrimoMail is the native mobile mail solution for Lotus Notes/Domino. Mobile e-mail made easy Using PrimoMail (TM) you can read and send e-mails, access your calendar, to-dos and personal contacts. And most importantly delete emails and sort them into folders. Everything is done directly and instantly in your own mail-file – no need to worry [...]

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Mobile e-commerce

The web shop has been selling hosiery in Sweden since 2003. We have now assisted in taking this successful shop into the mobile world. As always when you work with a mobile interface you have to re-think and re-work many of the methods and processes we take for granted on the Internet. The goal [...]

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Developing new web-service

SolutionPlanet has been given the opportunity to provide the development team for a new government venture backed web-service in Sweden. – This is a totally new service with some radical new ideas and it’s a privilege to be part of it from the start, says Mats Ingelborn of SolutionPlanet. The development, which is done in [...]

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